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About Cheerleading

Park Sharon Cheerleaders provide spirit and enthusiasm for our PSAA boys basketball teams. This is a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people, stay in shape,be part of a "team", overcome shyness, build self-confidence, learn valuable cheerleading skills, and SUPPORT our talented players and coaches. Our Cheerleaders have a great time, and their enthusiasm is contagious! The camaraderie and the support that develops for both the teams and for each other is a valuable asset at any age!
The Cheerleading Season at PSAA runs from November through February, with the Basketball Tournament games the first week of March. Cheerleading is open to ages 5 to 16; all levels of experience are welcome.
Every Cheerleading Squad participates at one game each Saturday on a rotation basis during the basketball season. The youngest Squad cheers for their comparable boys basketball team age group; the next older squad cheers for their comparable age, etc.
Squads are determined based on age but are flexible to aid carpooling, special requests, etc. Our Park Sharon Cheerleaders cheer for the sPs Boys Basketball Teams; games are on Saturdays in the Quail Hollow Middle School Gym. Cheerleading practices are held at Smithfield Elementary School, once a week in the early evening (day of the week for practice is determined based upon the availability of the volunteer coaches and the school's facilities).
The PSAA Cheerleading uniform (ages 5 thru 8) consists of a pleated jumper, Park Sharon Cheerleader logo t-shirt, bloomers, pair of socks, and a set of pom pons. The uniform for the older girls (ages 9 and up) consists of a short pleated skirt, a v-neck vest (top), a Park Sharon Cheerleader logo t-shirt, bloomers, pair of socks, and a set of pom poms. All pieces are yours to keep.
Quail Hollow, South Meck and/or older Park Sharon Cheerleaders generously volunteer their time and considerable knowledge to be our Cheerleading Coaches. Squad Leaders are volunteer parents needed for each Squad so that there is a "responsible adult" present at all practices and games. PARK SHARON DOES NOT PROVIDE INSURANCE FOR ANY PARTICIPANTS OR COACHES.
For additional information
or to volunteer to help supervise
the cheerleading activities,
please email us at Cheerleading@parksharonsports.com.





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