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Ages 4 & 5

(Age as of and including April 30, 2020)


The goal is to teach the fundamental skills required for baseball - hitting, throwing, and fielding - in a non-competitive, fun environment. We also teach the rules of the game, and have a lot of fun! Parental involvement is strongly encouraged. A team consists of 8 -10 players. Every player hits and plays in the field in every inning of every game. No game score is kept in T-ball games.
Practices are usually one hour and are held on Field #6 or #7 at Quail Hollow Middle School. There are usually two practices per week: one weekday practice (Monday through Friday evening) and one Saturday practice. After the 1st game, there is usually just a weekday practice.


Each game consists of 3 innings and/or will last no longer than 1 hour. There will be 8-10 games and they will be played on Field #6 at Quail Hollow Middle School. There will be 1 game on Saturday and towards the end of the season the weekday practice may become a game.
See Our T-ball League Rules
for further clarification on the above information.