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Parking at Park Sharon

Date Posted: 11/18/2015

Please keep the following in mind when parking at Park Sharon:

  • There is an additional parking lot on the far side of Quail Hollow Middle School. It's a quick walk to the fields when walking behind the school.
  • Please try to park only in designated parking spaces. When cars are parallel parked along the perimeter of the parking lot it makes it difficult for those backing out of spaces to easily get out.
  • Parking around the Field 8 (the "Babe Ruth" field) is at your own risk when games / practices are in progress -- this is prime foul ball territory.
  • Please remove all valuables from your vehicle and keep it locked.
  • Families and children will be walking through the parking lot so please pay close attention to your surroundings and keep your speed to a minimum.

Quail Hollow Presbyterian Church has graciously offered their church parking lot for Park Sharon events.  They do request that we honor the following:

  • Please do not park in numbered spaces on weekdays.  These are designated for Southminster Retirement Community.
  • Please park only in the parking lot and NOT on the driveway or in the grass along the driveway leading to the church.
  • The lot will be closed during the Quail Hollow Championship.
  • Please do not park in the lot on Sundays until after 12:30 pm.


There are no events at this time.