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Park Sharon Basketball


Dates & Times

Saturdays 9/11 thru 10/23 (7 in total) with make up date of 10/30, if any session is postponed.

  • Session 1 for rising 3-5th graders.  9-10:30am
  • Session 2 for rising 6-8th graders. 11-12:30pm
$200 per child - 7 sessions
Sharon Presbyterian Community Outreach Center
5201 Sharon Rd in South Park (CLT)
Email - 

Our Park Sharon Athletic Association is proud to facilitate a wonderful new community outreach partnership between Sharon Presbyterian Church, a stalwart in our Southpark neighborhood for many decades ....AND.... Coach Gary Hall, Head Varsity Boys Basketball coach at South Meck High School !!     

Leveraging the model and the methods PSAA basketball has become deeply known for (fundamentals, sportsmanship & fun), we are proud to sponsor these Community Ambassadors for the committed, good work they continue to offer to the youth across Charlotte & surrounding areas.

Over the last year+, Coach Hall has relocated to Charlotte and immediately became immersed in the South Meck program.   His accomplishments & reputation for cultivating great basketball talent fueled by his deep devotion to teaching the game with passion ...are both lengthy and legendary (see below).   

He and his coaching assistants will be offering hands-on, direct instruction to the boys & girls of our community during this inaugural 7 week clinic starting in September.   Your child will be given the opportunity to take their own 'game' to the next level and will most certainly get inspired to get better.   This sport teaches us such rich life lessons and we are thankful to offer such chances through Coach Hall's instruction.   For rising Middle School kids, this clinic should also serve as an excellent spring board to getting ready for Middle School basketball try-outs later this Winter.   

Stay tuned to our website and our Facebook page to learn more about the Program logistics as well as understand our structured, established COVID-19 steps to ensure both a safe and enjoyable atmosphere is created for all. 

A short bio on Coach Gary Hall>> 

Head Coach South Mecklenburg High School

  • Career W/L Record = 492-233 
  • Selected as Head Coach for 2020 McDonald's All American Game
  • 14 Conference Championships
  • 13 Conference Coach of the Year Awards
  • 36 Former Players continued their playing career collegiately, including All Americans Grant Hill (Duke) and Scottie Reynolds (Villanova)
  • Inducted into the Herndon High School Athletic Hall of Fame 2018

Eagle Basketball's Gary Hall Named to Coach in 43rd Annual McDonald's All-American Game | St. Thomas High School


Intended COVID protocols for Sept-Oct....

Parents: Without any question, humankind has been through some extraordinarily difficult times these last few years.  Courage and faith have been enduring.   Some may be very surprised (&/or also relieved) to know Park Sharon has astutely maneuvered around and responsibly sanctioned well over 100 scheduled basketball activities through the height of COVID ambiguity during 2020-21.

Our upcoming 7 week clinic will continue to focus upon the same principles that allowed us to not just weather, but uplift our Community faith with these following pillars -- 

  • a resounding devotion to all aspects of our childrens' well being
  • mutual respect for one another, strong lines of honest communication
  • and an unwavering spirit for individual, informed choice.

**Parents, the decision to register your child in one of our clinics both starts with...and will always be bound by ... your choice to do so. **

We welcome all and will always respect your decision to abstain if the environment is not comfortable for your family.

The Sharon Presbyterian leaders, in consultation with their medical advisors have fully blessed these activities in their brand new amazing facility on Sharon Road.   

If vaccination is right for your child after your doctor's consultation, that is strongly encouraged before joining us in early September.   Vaccination, however is not required for registration and proof will not be collected.

Masks are also not mandatory for players or staff, but always remain optional for anyone  regardless of vaccine status.

Hand sanitizer and extra masks will be made available.  Sanitation steps for surface area cleaning will be periodically conducted.  Social distancing will be expected during basketball drills, but scrimmage / close play will also occur for those participants who are willing.

Separate ingress & egress of foot traffic at the Community Outreach Center will be in place for all attendees.  The buffer Session 2 start time will occur after Session 1 is completely over and attendees have vacated.

Parents will have a nicely marked, separate waiting area away from clinic activity to encourage further safe space for a comfortable setting.  Bathroom facilities for players and non players will be readily available.

During registration, a required Yes/No question will be prompted ... asking if your child has had at least 1 vaccine dose a few days prior to our first Saturday.   These responses are on your honor and will remain strictly confidential.   The data will ONLY be utilized to allow our Team to pass along effective alert communication to all attendees should a player or coach have covid symptoms surface after a Session.  This has been a solid form of "contact tracing" works.

A Session will be cancelled/ suspended (likely 1 week or so) should a suspected or  confirmed covid situation arise.  A make up weekend has already been identified as Oct 30.   

All parents are asked to notify our Clinic administration if the player has developed any symptoms and most certainly, to always remain away from the Clinic if they are not feeling well for any reason.   Temperature screening of all will be conducted upon entering the premises.

Questions can always be sent to our PSAA point of contact and will be responded to in a reasonable timeframe. (

Park Sharon Athletic Association

New Sponsor! GoHealth

Novant-GoHealth has partnered with PSAA to provide our families with convenient care from experienced providers that we can TRUST. Visit their website link below.

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  • New Sponsor! GoHealth

    Novant-GoHealth has partnered with PSAA to provide our families with convenient care from experienced providers that we can TRUST. Visit their website link below.

    More Info  |  Visit Website

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