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Team Parent Information & Resources

Please know your service to your team is greatly appreciated. It is such a help to your coaches. As long as you do that, this job can be anything you make it. And it's such a fun way to feel connected to your team and Park Sharon as well.


Team Parent Resource Quick Links:

  • Practice & Game Schedules (You can always find the most up to date schedule online. This is especially useful to know after rain-outs and rescheduled games.
  • Concession Stand Duty Schedule
  • Sponsors Page (Please, please encourage your families to thank our sponsors whenever they possibly can! Their sponsorships help keep down the cost of our programs and help with maintaining the awesome fields we are so proud of!)


What Should I Do First:

  • First thing, go ahead and find out from your coaches what their expectations are from you, if any, outside of the information included.
  • Read the Responsibilities & Tips Below

The Park Sharon Board of Governors began requiring all PS volunteers that interact with kids to submit to a background check and to sign a Volunteer Covenant Statement. This is required for Coaches and suggested for Team Parents. All information is on the Volunteer page of the website.

The Team Parent will be responsible for communicating the team’s assigned picture time and distributing order forms and pictures, when ready. It is recommended that the team be assembled 15 minutes prior to the scheduled picture time. Order forms will be distributed approximately one week prior. Pictures will be taken at one of the fields, TBD. The pictures will be mailed directly to each player’s home address.

The concession schedule is posted on the Schedules page of our website. All teams will be assigned concession stand shifts. It is the responsibility of the Team Parent to assign coverage of these shifts among the players’ parents. It’s usually easiest just to go down the roster and make assignments rather than asking for volunteers. For MP, MIN, and MAJ there will be additional shifts assigned later in the season to cover the end-of-season tournaments. PLEASE NOTE: No one under the age of 15 be allowed to work or assist with a concession stand shift. You should usually schedule two (2) people per shift; however, for high traffic weekend times, you should try to schedule three (3).

In case of inclement weather resulting in game cancellations, notifications will be made by email, Facebook, and Twitter.  If there is no update then games will be played as scheduled.

The expectation is that after each practice and games, parents and players will help pick up trash around the fields and place it in the proper trash receptacle. There are small trash cans in all dugouts except at the T-ball fields. Please empty these after each game.

Players traditionally enjoy a drink and snack after each game. The Team Parent should create a ‘snack schedule’ and distribute responsibility among the players’ parents. Snacks are optional, though, so it’s totally up to you whether to do this or not. Park Sharon players receive a FREE drink at the concession stand after each game played at Park Sharon. PLEASE be conscious of players that may have food allergies (particularly, nut allergies).

The Team Parent will be responsible for distributing the End-of-Season Evaluation Forms. The players’ parents will turn them into a locked box at the concession stand when they have been completed. The purpose of these forms is to collect information on what’s working at PSAA and what’s not. This feedback is one of the primary means for EVERYONE to have an opportunity to voice their opinions and suggestions.

Gifts for the coaches is completely voluntary!!! Please remember that a great option for a gift is a donation in the Coach’s name to the PSAA Scholarship Fund so we may continue to allow any child wishing to play baseball at PSAA to have the opportunity to do so. Also, these names are posted on the Thank You, Coaches page of our website for everyone to see. Donations should be made payable to PSAA and mailed to PSAA, 8508 Park Road, Box 166. Charlotte, NC 28210.

Sponsorships help keep Park Sharon going, and impact every aspect of our association. Please support PSAA sponsors in any way you feel appropriate. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a sponsor, please check out the information on the Sponsors Page of our website.



If you have any questions,
please contact our
Team Parent Coordinator,
Dawn Rogers